Rebel Mic Stands

Rebel Mic Stnad 2

Rebellious Mic Stands?

Madhen have always been a band looking to squeeze every ounce of entertainment into their performance with regards to all aspects both artistic or technical. However some things simply have a function, they do a dull but necessary job. For example,
microphone stands aren’t traditionally interesting to anyone but a questionable select few. They serve a purpose and…. well that’s about it. However the folk at Rebel Custom Mic Stands have turned that on it’s head and managed to spice up the old fashioned mic stand and created something far more dynamic and exciting.

Their stands are beautifully designed, crafted pieces that look stunning standing centre stage. The folk at Rebel Mic Stands have supplied us with two of their Rebel Neon Ion stands. Each stand consists of a stainless steel perforated pole containing a central LED unit. The colour of the LEDs can be changed with the use of a simple wireless remote control. The base of the stand houses a rechargeable battery allowing the stands to remain lit for at least two hours (easily the length of a show) without cables being dragged across the stage. They’re also exceedingly robust…but you don’t need to know the technical gubbins, you just need to know that they look great.

Rebel Mic Stand 3

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Rob and Maria and all the gang at Rebel Stands for an amazing product and exceptional personal service. Check out their website.

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