Helen Madhen Koko

Madhen – Redefining the Party Band

What makes Madhen stand out in a crowd of other party bands?

Well, we’ll try to sum it up…

Madhen is our career.

There is no ‘day job’ (although the office never closes!) It’s not just one of many bands we play in. It’s not a band made up of whoever happens to be available. When you book Madhen that’s who you get. It’s our livelihood, our business, our passion, and our success is totally dependent on our reputation for delighting audiences, time after time. Our success enables us to invest in every element of our performance.

KOKO London

Nothing shows this better than our latest venture. Our performance is synced to onstage multi -screen video walls and lighting design (hardware worth well in excess of £150k), together with bespoke LED costumes and custom-built instruments to create something spectacular, the likes of which most ‘named’ bands would aspire to. It takes a crew of 15 and a LOT of hard work to make this happen.

Look at our “12 hours to 30 seconds” time-lapse video from our launch at KOKO to see what we mean!

Is it worth it? – Absolutely.

This independent review of our performance at KOKO says why.

“Let me try and put this evening into perspective. A friend demands my presence to see a band called “Madhen” (no, nor me). Imagine if you will a band that has dropped so much acid they think they are Queen, The Scissor Sisters, Michael Jackson, Blondie and Kings Of Lyon.That. It was an amazing show. No break, no pause between songs, no chat – just two hours of hit after hit. The costumes were extraordinary and the band can really, really play. No wonder these guys are working 24/7 at parties / events / corporates. It’s always good to watch an act that knows its demographic audience, has clearly worked it’s arse off in ghastly rehearsal rooms and delivers two hours of non-stop excellent covers to the yelling delight of the audience. It’s called sheer hard work and professionalism.”

Russ Kane: Presenter BBC London

For Madhen and the team at Madhen PRODUCTIONS it’s about the entire experience, from initial enquiry to saying goodnight, and loading the trucks. We’re yet to hear of another party band who has dared to push the boundaries this far.

The comments of the manager of a successful ‘rival’ (and friendly!) band crystalize this:

“You simply cannot take a party band any further than what you guys have achieved. You have taken it to an art form and are simply the masters of what you do. Attention to detail, genius mashups, incredible production and great musicianship. You killed it” (Dan Britten)

This level of production might not suit every event. But the same level of professionalism, commitment and pride in what we do comes as guaranteed in every performance, however big or small. So if you’re looking for party entertainment for your next big event, and want a party band you can trust, then get in touch with us today.  We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love to make your event something to remember.

Another great performance - Madhen