Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

After a great night at the NIA in Birmingham we flew the following morning to the beautiful Danish capital – Copenhagen

We had performed for VMware in Cannes (2008) at the Palais Des Festival. They had been such a great crowd back then, so much so that during our final song they were jumping up and down to ‘The Final Countdown’ as ceiling tiles were falling from the roof below!

At this event we performed at the Forum in Copenhagen, a beautiful music venue in the city.

It had been decked out through the decades and looked spectacular

We performed a set covering these era’s especially for this event to a room filled largely by a male audience. They were so appreciative the moment we took to the stage

It was good to see thousands of people jumping up and down enjoying our performance

There were a variety of acts including aerialists and breakdancers throughout the evening and we were followed by ABBA Tribute ‘Bjorn Again’

So many video’s have since been posted to YouTube  a few of which can be seen below:

We also received some great emails and comments on our facebook page too:

I have seen you 2 times

Once at the VMworld party in Cannes in 2008 and once at the Vmworld party in Copenhagen 2010

Can’t understand why you were not the main attraction in Copenhagen

I have never seen that great a live band as you guys

Hope it’s not the last time I have seen you live 🙂

Thanks for a great performance (both times)


Robert Jensen

Saw the band perform at the VMworld party in Copenhagen – awesome…no excellent…..no TOTALLY BRILLIANT!! Enjoyed every minute of your performance. Alister

Hi Matthew & Madhen, you were great at the VMworld in Copenhagen!
I would say best cover-band of the 80’s+ I have ever heard

Cheers from Aachen / Germany, Marc Vorwerk