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“I don’t suppose you play at weddings?”

That’s a question we get asked surprisingly often. The answer is always “YES!!”
Of course, we love playing to large audiences with state of the art production, but don’t let this put you off! Small is also beautiful!

We know that Madhen is not your typical wedding/function band. We’re proud that our deliberate decision to stand out in a crowded world of party bands has paid off. Our modern and edgy style, together with our eclectic choice of contemporary and classic material, will appeal to everyone in your wedding party. We’re never surprised to see four generations dancing together as we mash up 80’s chart hits with contemporary club anthems. We’ve even had rock legend Jimmy Page dancing with his granddaughters! When it comes to entertaining an audience our track record, backed up by countless testimonials from delighted couples suggests we can successfully offer something for everyone! Please take a look at our wedding page and decide for yourself.

Madhen were the catalyst that got the crowd going. The right music at the right time. Cleverly put together sets. Flexibility when needed. Super stage presence from true professionals. And nice people to do business with.” Tom Hardyment.

Madhen Wedding

We’re pretty upfront about what we offer. Not every party requires video screens and huge production, (however, if that’s what you want we’re happy to oblige!) but as a band we will still promise to deliver our usual mix of high energy music and choreography, however big or small the event.

We’ll listen to you if you have any specific colour theme, and we can enhance that with our stage-wear. We’ll work together with you, or your wedding planner/venue, to ensure we can set up with minimal disruption to you and your guests. We’ll advise on issues such as performing within any noise restrictions set by the venue. If we feel that restrictions are too limiting for a typical live band (it’s always the drummer’s fault!) we’re happy to discuss offering “HUSH”, Madhen’s unique and fun way of dealing with particularly restrictive noise limits.

Production Services

Madhen are more than just a band though. With our extensive Production facility, we can transform your venue with bespoke outdoor lighting, as well as supplying PA for outdoor services and speeches etc. Our experienced production team are happy to discuss all your requirements and offer creative solutions to match your expectations and budget.

We understand that getting the evening entertainment right is a key part of any wedding, and we’ll do all we can leading up to your big day to minimise any concerns you have for your party. Just make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes for the end of the night!

So please don’t be scared off by images of Madhen performing in huge venues, with equally huge production, to rival some more ‘household’ names. Whether it’s a 1000 guests or 100, we’re the same band performing to the same high standards on which we’ve built our valued reputation. Contact us to discuss what we can offer to make your wedding day just that little bit more special!

Contact us to discuss what we can offer to make your wedding day just that little bit more special!