The Wedding Party


As a band we perform at all kinds of events ranging from festivals, corporate events and private parties, with an ever growing number of weddings. A lot of our clients say that they are looking for something a bit different from your average ‘wedding band‘. We pride ourselves on our eclectic mix of music and receive many of our enquiries from people who have seen us at another event.

The Summer wedding season is definitely upon us and Madhen performed at a beautiful wedding in Buckinghamshire on 27th June. It was a great crowd and we received a lovely email from the groom thanking us:

Just wanted to thank you and the whole band for giving an absolutely amazing performance at our wedding on 27th June. You were so energetic and finely tuned, and got everyone up and dancing right from the very start till the very end. Em and I had a fantastic time, as well as everyone else – many people have commented on how good you were and think you even managed to get a few hardened non-dancers up on the dancefloor!

In particular thank you for doing our first song – I know you don’t normally do them – but it was perfect and think you gave everyone else the confidence to sing along for us, which Em and I loved.

Hope you also had a good time and that you all found your way home ok afterwards.

Thanks again,