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Image has been an important part of Madhen’s success over the years. That success not only depends on Madhen’s personal style and musical content, but relies on a great photographers eye
to capture our chosen imagery and help sell Madhen to a world of potential clients. We have been very fortunate in our 18 years as a band to have worked with some incredible photographers, immensely successful in their own right and some we now take great pride in calling our friends. Capturing those ‘rock n roll’ moments on stage and off is a gift that these photographers have in abundance.
We’d love to share some of these images with you and introduce you to a handful of the talented photographers we’ve had the pleasure of posing for!

Matt Porteous

Matt Porteous Madhen

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We first met Matt over in Jersey (Channel Islands) where he originates. Madhen has worked extensively in Jersey over the years, both for private and corporate clients. Matt has photographed
us time after time and we have become good friends, loving his style and laid back persona.

Madhen & Matt Porteous Montage 3

So much so that Matthew even booked Matt for his brothers wedding and subsequently his own on the beautiful Island of Santorini.

Matt Porteous Matthew And Matt Wedding

It was only a matter of time before the industry recognised Matt’s exceptional talent. Kensington Palace approached him to be the official photographer for Prince George’s third birthday portrait.

Madhen Matt Porteous Prince George of CambridgeFrom that day on as you would expect he has been in endless demand from clients worldwide for all genres of photography for which he has unsurprisingly won a plethora of awards. But Matt’s real passion lives in the ocean below and his fascination for all things aquatic! His underwater shoots are breathtaking and he captures Mother Nature in her true beauty. His latest venture takes him skyward as he takes to aerial photography using the latest technology and drones!

Matt Porteous Water Shots

Scarlet Page

Madhen Scarlet Page

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You don’t get more rock ’n’ roll than this lovely lady! She’s travelled the world and photographed some of the biggest names in music including The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The
Beastie Boys, Robbie Williams, Foo Fighters, the list is endless…

Madhen Scarlet Page Photos

…oh and Madhen of course! How lucky are we?
Our paths crossed when 9 years ago we were booked to play at her very own wedding at the unique Edwardian Dancehall ‘Bush Hall’ in Shepherd’s Bush (London). It was an audience of music legends, well with Jimmy Page as your Father what more did we expect. Scarlet was a pleasure to meet, play for and it was a joy to discover she was also a highly talented photographer…what a family!

Madhen Scarlet Page Photos 2Her ability to capture the energy and performance of artists both on and off stage is second to none, which is very evident in her work. Much of which has been displayed in numerous exhibitions.
A lot of Scarlet’s time is spent working with charities including: ABC Trust, PDSA, Teenage Cancer Trust, Warchild and Alpha. Record companies and publishers commission her frequently for magazine shoots and artwork for their artists.

Scarlet Page Guitarists Madhen

We were delighted that she found time in her busy schedule to come down to London’s KOKO and shoot our ‘Switch’ launch in September 2015. The photo’s she took that night only go to show why she is regarded as one of the best music photographers out there.

Madhen Scarlet Page

Thank you Scarlet…You rock!!!!!

Matt Chung

Matt Chung Madhen

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Matt has worked extensively for some of the World’s leading restaurants, bars and hotels. Specialising in events, interiors and food photography, he is one of the preferred photographers for many of London’s top venues and event spaces including the iconic Natural History Museum.

Matt also has a passion for music and has had the pleasure and fortune of photographing some of his own rock icons along the way, including Prince, Boy George, The Killers, Emily Sande and
most recently Jack White at a secret London gig – a shoot that every rock photographer wanted to get the call for!

Matt Chung Jack White Madhen
One of Madhen’s favourite photographs of singers Matthew & Helen was taken by Matt at a showcase that they were performing at in London.

Madhen Matt ChungCooler than cool, Matt is among the elite photographers that London has to offer right now. Check out some of his work online…here’s a taster of his work!

Matt Chung Montage Madhen

Joseph Sinclair

Joseph Sinclair Photography

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Joseph was introduced to Madhen by our very own Matthew and soon became our go to photographer for publicity shots and promo material. He is such a joy to work with and always makes our shoots fun and relaxed, resulting in some amazing photos over the years.

Madhen Joseph Sinclair MontageJoseph captured some early memories for us when we were conquering the tribute scene with ‘So Blondie’

So Blondie Joseph SinclairSelf-taught photographer Joseph is renowned for his stunning studio shoots of celebrities from every genre. His work has been featured in GQ, POP, Sunday Times, Vault, Idol, Glamour, Attitude…to name but a few.
Check out some of his work below, it really is impressive!

Joseph Sinclair MontageAll these talented photographers will have started their journey somewhere. Whether that be self taught or education, those early years are so important in honing their craft. Up and coming photographers are always welcome in the Madhen camp. We are more than happy to be subjects for student photographers.

Ava Stewart

Madhen Ava Stewart

Ava is studying fashion photography at UAL (London) and came down to an event at the Westminster Park Plaza to photograph us before we went onstage. She has a great eye and took some fab photos that we are more than happy to share with you.

Ava Stewart Madhen 2Ava Stewart Madhen
Ava is just starting out in the world of photography and we wish her the best of luck on her photographic journey. Watch out for this young lady in the future!