Zayn Malik and Azelia Banks

Tapping into the Zeitgeist

Some of you may be aware of the current minor furor between Zayn Malik and Azelia Banks. The spat was initiated by twitter comments suggesting that Malik’s new video for “Like I Would” was derivative of her work.

The video features striking lighting and lasers and a costume loaded with fluorescent lights of its own. Whilst we’re not suggesting that Zayn Malik or Azelia Banks are looking to Madhen for inspiration, it is pretty interesting to see that within the world of corporate entertainment we’ve once again got our finger on the pulse of what’s current in popular culture!

We showcased our new show SWITCH at Koko in the autumn last year way ahead of Zayn Malik’s recent video. Adopting bespoke LED loaded costumes and guitars, alongside multiple video walls has made technology previously rarely seen outside of performances by large named acts such as Beyoncé or Will I Am more accessible to our clients.

Event producers can now seamlessly incorporate the same productions values into their events without needing a “Stadium” or Hollywood budget.

Take a look at our SWITCH promo and see how Madhen can incorporate cutting edge technology and world class entertainment part of your next event.

Once again Madhen set the new standard for what a party band can offer. Contact us if you’d like to discuss booking SWITCH and make your next party spectacular!