Madhen Hush Band

Silence is Golden

Back in the 70’s, Slade urged everyone to “C’m on feel the Noize!” There’s nothing quite like experiencing the excitement that the volume of a great live band creates. However, we know all too well that not every venue is a suitable host for the sort of volume levels that a typical live band will generate.

We’ve experienced an increasing number of venues enforcing noise restrictions in order to minimise disturbing anyone who’s not invited to the party! (for more detailed info on noise limiters please read our blog “It’s not a party without a little noise!”). Pre-recorded music played quietly can still sound great. A live band will always struggle to compensate for the reduced dynamics that strict noise limits impose. An audience will miss the ‘energy’ caused by significant volume restrictions, and your party will probably lack the atmosphere you’d hoped to create. Noise limiters are here to stay so at Madhen Productions we’ve taken the problem and created a solution:


Madhen can perform with the same high energy on which we’ve built our reputation, but with minimal ambient noise! By using a whole manner of alternative equipment to replace traditional loud acoustic drums, amplifiers and PA systems (but without compromising our performance) any venue (big or small) can enjoy all the benefits of hiring a great band without disturbing the neighbours. Instead of using PA speakers to amplify the band’s performance guests wear wireless headphones which deliver a perfect mix of the band to the listener without impacting on anyone else, in or out of the room! You’re in control of your own volume level.

Increased flexibility

The technology we supply means that you can also have a silent DJ. Of course, when you’re ready to have that quiet conversation with a colleague or friend over a beer, there’s no need to find sanctuary elsewhere. Just take off your headphones! It also gives you the freedom to have the band perform at a time of your choice, (even into the early hours) without the restriction of curfews on noise from live music.

HUSH is both an elegant solution to increasingly noise-sensitive venues as well as introducing an added element of choice for your guests. HUSH is also compact – there’s no reason why you can’t put Madhen in your living room or marquee safe in the knowledge that your neighbours will be oblivious to it all! I

Live music continues to be the focal point of any party. Nothing lifts the mood like hearing a great song performed well. If your venue allows it then we love nothing more than to rock your party – and with Madhen Productions we have more than enough PA to do just that! But if your venue of choice simply doesn’t allow a band the freedom to do so then HUSH is a realistic, no-compromise solution!

Rock n Roll ain’t noise pollution! Long Live Live Music! For more information, get in touch.