Tales from the dressing-up box!

A band’s image has always been arguably as important as the music. We’ve lost count of the times when client’s refer to our stage-wear before any mention of a song is made! Styling is a crucial element of our performance, and it’s fair to say that in Madhen this is very much Helen’s department!

Over the past 15 years Madhen’s style has evolved; from 80’s neon to Scissor Sisters meets Blondie in a sartorial mash-up of punk, sequins and feather-heaven! You can see from our gallery of photos that we love ‘dressing up’, and any excuse to be part of a themed party is welcomed by us. Helen loves a challenge, readily swapping a microphone for sewing machine on demand. Together with the help of Matthew’s ‘eye’ for flamboyant fashion nothing is impossible. Less is never more at Madhen!


We’ve been asked to costume a variety of themed events over the years. Our favourites include powdered wigs in Vienna, Electric Circus at Old Billingsgate and perhaps the most challenging requests which come from Lord March, for our annual return to play at the Goodwood Revival Ball.

This event is themed and styled superbly by Starlight Design, and we have to ensure that our stage wear is every bit as impressive. During the past few years we’ve covered everything from Rocky Horror, The Wild West, The Russian Revolution and The Battle of Waterloo.

Wild West Madhen

We pride ourselves on our appearance. How we present ourselves is an integral part of the Madhen ‘experience’. We believe that going the extra mile helps make us stand out from our contempories.

So don’t be afraid to ask. If your event has a theme or even a simple colour scheme chances are we’ve got (or can get!) something that ties in. We’re more than happy to create something ‘magical’ from our talented and creative wardrobe mistress! It’s the attention to detail that makes Madhen the perfect fit for your next event. Get in touch to find out more.

Magical Madhen

Madhen in Costume

Madhen Clown Costume

Matthew and Helen Madhen Costume