Making decisions about your entertainment

Planning an event of any kind, from a private celebration (wedding or birthday) to a large scale corporate event (an awards ceremony or product launch for example) requires a great deal of planning and offers a plethora of choices.

If you’ve not planned an event before, considering the pros and cons of those choices, coupled with budget considerations, can be overwhelming.  If you’re considering entertainment for a party the chances are you’ll be looking at bands and DJs. Budget wise it’s likely that you’ll be seeing a large discrepancy between the cost of a DJ and a band (unless you’re looking at some of the “big name” DJs). Of course it makes sense that the band will be more expensive, it’s a bigger team of people, all of whom have to be transported, there’s much more equipment involved and the set up time is greater.  These things are easy to quantify on paper but what real difference is there between a good band and a good DJ when it comes to entertaining your guests?
A good DJ can read a room and will play the songs you want to hear instantly hopefully moving from one track to the next in a creative, seamless way that keeps everyone dancing. We work closely with a handful of great DJs that we enjoy and compliment what we do. They’re inventive and fun with their music choices and they don’t love the sound of their own voices.

Live music naturally raises the energy in a room.

What a good band brings to an event goes way beyond music for dancing to. There should be a highly entertaining focal point for your guests, a massive sense of interaction and fun and most of all it’s a show that your guests will be talking about long after the event. At Madhen we regularly receive testimonials from clients telling us that it’s not the venue, not the catering, not the free bar that everyone remembers but the band. The band is usually the climax of the evening and you want to finish your party with a full dance floor of guests singing along, cheering and smiling.
It’s great for Madhen to work alongside a good DJ to cover our breaks and play before we come on stage. That’s why we have a small roster of DJs we love to work with and can book for you, but if your budget won’t stretch to a band and a DJ Madhen are happy to bring along an Ipod loaded with great tracks or take your own playlists and play those before we’re on stage.

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