“Switch” it up with Madhen Party Band

‘Switch’ it up with Madhen Party Band

Madhen have always strived to innovate in the world of corporate events and private entertainment, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our clients something completely different.

Many clients are looking for something “extra” for their event, whether it’s a product launch, an awards ceremony or a just a good old party. They’re looking for something that takes things further than just a great band. This is why Madhen have created their new show… ‘Switch’.

Helen, Switch set up Madhen

What is ‘Switch’?

‘Switch’ brings together the creativity and vision of Madhen and the technical excellence of Madhen Productions. This creates a performance that seamlessly integrates the energy and musicianship of the band, with dazzling synchronized video across four separate video walls and a stunning light show which incorporates bespoke, wirelessly controlled LED loaded costumes and guitars. – you can see a taster of the show here to decide for yourself:

How can I get ‘Switch’ at my event?

A standard Madhen gig usually comprises of the band, their instruments, monitoring system, as well as a sound engineer and any production stipulated by the client. This ‘normal’ set up can be done in under two hours from scratch.

To make ‘Switch’ work, the set up time is best part of a day with two days of prep time at the warehouse. In addition to the usual crew, ‘Switch’ requires a production manager, a lighting designer, a video technician and a costume/guitar technician – as well as two or three general crew for loading and unloading kit!

The kit comprises £120,000 worth of video wall and servers, and over £100,000 worth of lighting. Depending on the level of staging and PA required, we would need either a 12 or 18 ton truck with a dedicated driver too. So, as you can see, there’s a lot of work that goes into the set up before the actual event! For this reason it’s important that Madhen and Madhen Productions have access to the venue way ahead of time to ensure every runs seamlessly on the night.

Because of the bespoke nature of the video, costumes and guitars, and the huge amount of time that has been invested in design, we have to supply and control the visual technology ourselves. Making changes in the equipment would mean huge changes for the show that would simply take hours to rectify on site. But it’s worth it, in fact, it’s more than worth it, and the feeback we’ve received when performing with our “Switch” set up has been simply fantastic. Read more about what our clients have said in our testimonials.

Matthew and Helen performing Switch Madhen

How much will this cost me?

Of course this means it costs more than just booking a band. But it’s worth remembering that the PA, lighting and video wall, as well as our world class technicians, are also available for anything else occurring at your event. That includes other performers, a DJ, an awards ceremony or speeches. If there’s anything else you need outside of what we supply for “Switch” such as staging, mics for speeches, lecterns, set dressing, plasma screens etc… we can supply that too.

This level of production, seamlessly integrated with the performance of one of the UK’s most in-demand bands is unique.

‘Switch’ really does raise the bar when it comes to giving your guests an entertainment experience to remember! Read more about ‘Switch‘ on our website.

For further information about booking Switch please contact us at Madhen!

Switch with Madhen Party Band