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The Drummers Dilemma!

Madhen are experiencing an increasing number of venues enforcing noise restrictions in order to minimise disturbing anyone who’s not invited to the party! This is one of the main reasons we offer our ‘Hush’ version of Madhen.

The first band member people usually look to when there’s a volume issue is the drummer which some, namely the drummer, argue is a little unfair. Luckily there are a variety of options to replace acoustic drums these days.

Madhen’s drummer Paul has used various electronic systems over the years, starting off with the fantastic Drumkat and trusty old Alesis SR16 drum machine. When Madhen first put together their 80s band, So 80’s, Paul used the ddrum4 drum system, which was priceless in recreating the classic 80’s drum sounds required. Over the years this proved to be a great work horse but recently an upgrade was needed.

Simong Edgoose and EdrumInfo

When looking for a replacement, Paul decided to get in touch with an old friend, Simon Edgoose. Simon is not only a fantastic drummer but an expert on the world of electronic drums. His knowledge of all the equipment is second to none, part of the reason companies such as Yamaha and Zildjian employ him. He has worked with most of the top drummers in the UK, advising and solving problems related to their electronic setups. Simon is the guy you can trust to listen to your requirements, your budget etc, then give impartial advice, all tailored to your personal needs.

Simon Edgoose EDrumInfo

Ultimately, Paul and Madhen need a great sounding, reliable system, one in which we have control of each individual output, just the same as when miking up a live drum kit. Most electronic kits these days only offer a stereo output which isn’t acceptable for Madhen. Rather than buy a complete new system, Simon’s advice was to buy the very reliable Yamaha DTXTREME III drum module and hold on to Paul’s existing ddrum mesh head pads. These pads are bullet proof, give fast, reliable triggering and have xlr inputs, something of a rarity these days. The Yamaha DTXTREME III not only has a proven reliability record but has every feature any drummer would ever need, which goes someway to explaining why it is used on a lot of the major tours out there at the minute.

A Great Sounding Reliable Electronic Drumkit

To set it all up, a day was needed down at Simon’s studio. The old mesh heads were replaced with the latest triple ply mesh heads which have a much more realistic feel. Pads were trained to Paul’s playing style and a thorough lesson given on working with the Yamaha brain. End result….a new reliable electronic drum system which sounds fantastic and is a pleasure to play.

Madhen Drums

Madhen can’t recommend highly enough the services Simon Edgoose offers. Any drummers out there who are sitting scratching their heads trying to figure out the electronic side of drums, pick up the phone and call Simon. No matter how big or small the problem you’ll be glad you did. He has expert knowledge on every brand of electronic drums available, is great to chat to, always listens to your needs, gives great advice and will follow that up with any problem solving that may arise further down the line. You can find out more info by watching the video below and find all Simon’s contact details at

No matter how loud or how quiet your event is, Madhen can perform with the same high energy on which we’ve built our reputation. Contact us for more information.