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Sound Engineers: A changeable feast.

Getting the perfect sound at your next corporate party.

Madhen Party Band have played a lot of corporate events. We can’t quite put our finger on the number, but at the time of writing it’s somewhere between 1200 and 1300. As a result, we’ve worked with a menagerie of sound engineers (menagerie is possibly the most descriptive and least offensive word).

World class sound engineers for your next corporate event

All sound engineers are not made equal. We’re lucky enough to work with world class engineers most of the time (with CVs that read like the music top 20 in Billboard Magazine or Mojo’s list of the world’s greatest Rock and Roll legends). We’ve also worked with a few who were either out of their depth, exhausted after a 14 hour day of conferencing, totally disinterested or sometimes an unpleasant combination of all three.

Madhen Party Band are happy to work with an engineer unknown to them on the understanding that he/she is experienced with bands. A good engineer will be able to reproduce the individual sounds on stage and blend them in a way that works well for the audience. However, what they won’t be able to do, regardless of how talented he/ she is, is understand the playing nuances of every member of the band, preempt dramatic moments and compliment the dynamic nuances in the songs we play. This is down to the simple fact that an engineer can’t know what’s coming until they’ve seen the set more than a few times. There’s just too much to take in.

Madhen Koko Sept 2015

Bringing out the best in the party band

With this in mind, we always prefer to use our own engineer. Firstly, it means we can guarantee their technical excellence and secondly, they have worked with us many times and know the tiniest details about our performance. Ultimately, an engineer is the sixth member of the band and will bring something to the performance way beyond audio clarity and technical expertise. They know the moments when a huge riff is about to drop, a guitar solo does not surprise them and they understand what it is we do in great detail. The nature of a Madhen Party Band set means it is sonically eclectic and dynamic and with our own engineer the drama of that is enhanced. The nature of mixing a gig for the first time for an engineer means having to play it safe, with our engineer we know that when the opening riff of Faithless’s “Insomnia” hits it will really count.
Madhen Party Band are a very accommodating band and will do everything in our power to make things work for your event and fit into your budget. But, where possible we’d really like to bring our own engineer, it makes us more comfortable but more importantly it makes your event better.

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