Madhen Production Team: Bringing your Party to Life!

A great band can look less than impressive if they haven’t got the right production team behind them.  Party bands bring any event to life and they in turn are brought to life by an event production team.

Production includes everything that happens before, after and backstage during the performance. Madhen and Madhen Productions have a wealth of experience and knowledge, we’re a great team, but if you just need the production side of things, that’s not a problem either.

Lighting up your Party Band

Lighting can perform many different tasks throughout your party.

Think about what atmosphere you want to be conveyed at your event and then which colours would best work with that scheme. Perhaps up-lighting would create the warmth your venue may be lacking, or strobe lighting during a performance could create the wow factor you are looking for.

Madhen Productions have lit venues from small basement bars to festival stages. Our vast experience means that our team are skilled at creating the perfect atmosphere in a variety of spaces.

Lighting up your Party Band

Power Solutions, Rigging and Stages at Music Events

Large venues and outdoor events may require extra planning and time to organise.

In order to make sure the event runs smoothly, we use a solid schedule with a highly skilled, reliable crew and an experienced production manager. Our extensive experience is coupled with an endless inventory of equipment – choosing a production team that has experience with your type of event is important.

Sound/ Audio Visual Solutions for any Event

Sound is a vital element of any party. It could be a band’s performance or a presentation. Getting this right is crucial.

We can provide both public address (PA) systems for small presentations and speaker systems for larger parties. Audio Visual technology can include TV’s, projectors, projector screens and hi res LED walls. Noise limits in some venues can be an issue, so speak to our team about working within any restrictions but still creating the very best atmosphere for your guests. Perhaps you’re looking for something really spectacular, in which case check out ‘Switch’, our most integrated audio/visual performance using the very latest state of the art technology.

Power Solutions with Madhen

If you have any more questions on what Madhen Productions can offer your event, get in touch with our friendly team through our website contact form or call +44 (0)7974 174223.