Lady Gaga Superbowl 2017

Madhen going totally Gaga over the Super Bowl

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the last week you won’t have missed the big news from America. Everyone is talking about it. That’s right…. Lady Gaga’s incredible performance for the Super Bowl at the NRG Stadium. Madhen don’t claim to know much about American football, apart from the fact it’s not proper football, but we always have an eye on what Lady Gaga is up to. Her instantly catchy songs and energetic, passionate performances never fail to grab the attention of the audience and even a few headlines. Her show at the Super Bowl only managed to up the stakes for what people expect from live entertainment as she dived from the roof suspended by cables, before embarking on a superbly crafted and choreographed set including a poignant Woody Guthrie cover.

Lady Gaga Superbowl 2017

One thing that has always inspired us about Gaga is her style. Whether she’s being graceful and elegant or punky and trashy, combining sci-fi, disco glamour and rock and roll, she breaks musical and fashion boundaries again and again. Like any band Madhen are influenced by the artists they love and Lady Gaga is certainly a serious influence.

Lady Gaga Closeup

Lady Gaga

Of course it doesn’t stop there, when you’re influenced by an artist it’s important to look at the previous artists that in turn inspired them. Take a look at Dale Bozzio, vocalist for American 80s New wave band “Missing Persons”. Her musical journey started with Frank Zappa and you can trace a line of creative brilliance all the way from Zappa to Gaga via Dale Bozzio.

Dale Bozzio

Like Gaga, or Dale Bozzio, Madhen’s constant pursuit of outrageous style means our extensive wardrobe encompasses innumerable sequins, hundreds of feathers, studs, gold, silver, shoulder pads, heels and sunglasses of every shape and size all accompanied by every kind of makeup imaginable. Gaga’s look at the Super Bowl reminded us of our own SWITCH costumes which even have built-in, programmed LED lighting. Her sequined space age leotard and matching boots were very Helen.

Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl was stunning and once again her style has prompted lots of new ideas for Madhen’s wardrobe department to get busy with! We’ll look forward to sharing all the new creations with you as they turn up.

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