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Madhen Party Band: Not just for Dancing…

Awards dinners make up a significant proportion of Madhen’s bookings. Typically, awards are presented by a celebrity host, and Madhen are hired to fill the dance floor once the formalities have finished.

Sometimes, Awards can be short and sweet, but quite often they’re long and (depending on the host!) more to be endured than enjoyed. In our experience, the most successful Awards ceremonies happen when the band is integrated to perform live music stings throughout the ceremony.

What are musical ‘stings’ ?

Musical ‘stings’ are used at pretty much every awards dinner. Normally a short burst of a well- known song heralds each winner to the stage. It’s key to creating an exciting atmosphere, but it’s worth taking it to the next level by having the band play live stings in place of predictable playback. It’s an altogether more exhilarating experience for everyone, which  can be tailored to suit each event.

Our brief video gives an idea how live ‘stings’ really do bring an extra dimension to an awards ceremony:

We’re not just a party band

Madhen has successfully done this on several occasions, most notably with Rob Brydon (for O2) where the host and band played a spontaneous rendition of “Green Door”. Shaun Keaveny, BBC 6 Music, entertained the crowd with his version of “I Predict a Riot”.

Most recently, and to the delight of both the guests and the band, Talk Sport’s Colin Murray stripped from his black tie to reveal a leotard and tights (Helen’s!) to sing “Teenage Kicks” with us, at the Renault Trucks Awards 2016 #RTAwards.

Colin Murray Live Stings Madhen

All of the above would not have happened had the host not had the support of a live band to ‘bounce’ off. And without doubt these will be the highlights most remembered from the Awards ceremonies.

How does using Madhen to play your live stings impact on the production for the evening?

Awards events can be complicated affairs at the best of times. The fact is, it’s really simple. We will coordinate with you in advance and work out a playlist of stings from our repertoire. You can then add this to your script ahead of the evening.

As the band is already set up and ready to play, all we need is a cue light operated by your show caller. A simple green “Go” and red “Stop” is all we need on stage. No more complicated than a sound operator cueing stings from a laptop, but so much more dynamic!

The aforementioned ‘Renault Trucks Awards’ was brilliantly organised and executed by CWA. This was also the first time Madhen has worked with this client so we were thrilled that they trusted us with such a big part of the event. It was great to receive such positive feedback from event producer Oliver Lee after the event:

I hope you guys enjoyed Friday night!

I just wanted to say thanks very much – you were fantastic, and exceeded what was

expected and required! Hope to work with you guys again soon.

All the best,


Can we help make your Awards ceremony a success?

A successful Awards ceremony relies on a host that doesn’t just go through the motions. Having a live band to share the stage with the host presents a whole new dimension for them to work with (and crucially important) for the guests to enjoy. If a host is having a good time then his or her audience will too. It’s infectious!

Madhen’s reputation for transforming a good party into a great party extends beyond the post-Awards dancing.

Get in touch

If you’re interested to find out how we can make this work for your Awards event please contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d love to talk to you about what we can offer.

Incorporate Madhen’s performance into the Awards themselves. Get the most from your host and your band and give your guests an Awards evening to remember!

Madhen's performance into the Awards themselves