Madhen Koko Sept 2015

Booking With Madhen

Chances are you’ve either booked 100’s of bands or none at all. Every band will have a different approach to dealing with their client from enquiry to booking.

This is the way Madhen handle the process.

How far ahead should I book?

The nature of our business means we receive enquiries from as far ahead as two years to as little as a day – both extremes are unusual, but both have happened! In reality corporate enquiries can be booked anything from 2-3 weeks ahead, but more likely 3-6 months.

Private parties, weddings etc generally book further ahead -12 to 18 months. Popular dates go very quickly – so from June through to September most Saturdays go first. Having said that there’s a definite trend for weddings taking place on Fridays!


Demand means that we would always recommend you book as early as possible, or at least to register your interest in booking Madhen. This is where our ‘pencil’ system really helps.

Assuming that the date you want is available but you need some time to think, look around or make other arrangements fit, then we’ll pencil the date in our diary– with no obligation. This simply gives you 1st refusal should another enquiry for this date come in. Should this happen we normally give you 48 hours or so to finalise your decision before either confirming or releasing the pencilled booking. This gives us the opportunity to fill the date should you decide not to go ahead.

Where two or more clients are both interested in the same date, and the 1st pencil can’t commit we will agree to take the first to confirm.

In some instances the client may want to book the band but still be uncertain about the date (perhaps due to venue availability etc). In this case it’s possible to pencil multiple dates, but the same process applies should another enquiry be received.

Okay, so I’ve booked the date – what next?

Once you’ve decided to book Madhen we will email over our contract, together with a request for a 25% deposit. Once this is received the date is 100% confirmed.

With an excess of 100 bookings each year we really do encourage you to enquire as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment.  Contact us now if you’re considering live music at your next event! We’d love to be your band of choice!


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